Thursday, October 25, 2012

Indian Summer

"Summers almost gone.  We had some good times but they're gone. The winter's comin' on, summers almost gone" read the timeless words of Jim Morrison.  That's from the Doors song Summers Almost Gone.  Here in Texas the summer is slowly winding down.  It is late October and college football is in full force.  I see Longhorn burnt orange all around me every Saturday.  There is even just a hint of orange and yellow to the trees.  Nonetheless, it's still almost 90 degrees and my AC is cranked up in the house.  Yes, this is still Texas after all!

It's been a long summer down here in Texas.  I moved into a new house, made new friends, and fostered a relationship with a wonderful girl.  Yet as the summer winded down I was hit with two major losses.  The death of my grandfather and my pet.  While neither of these events could qualify as tragic, they definitely hurt and affected my life.  The death of my cat Gypsy especially came out of nowhere.  The pain is starting to subside now though.  As these events move into my rearview mirror I'm starting to think about the future again.  I do so now with more optimism than last year.  Last year I felt very alone during the fall holiday season.  I still hadn't nurtured many real relationships here in Austin.  One year later I feel like I'm in a much better place.  I feel truly loved by people here in Austin now.  I look forward to the holidays this fall and whatever else may be on the horizon.

So as the leaves begin to fall (I swear they going to one of these days) I’m going to sit back and enjoy all that the fall has to offer.  The Bears are 5-1 and in first place.  Likewise, my fantasy team is also in first place (thanks babe).  The World Series is on this week (go Giants!) My favorite holiday Halloween is just around the corner.  And thankfully, the election will be over in just twelve days.  Yes, I have had some recent setbacks but Iife is still good.  I think my best days are still ahead.

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  1. How did I not know you had a blog??? Fall is basically late summer in the south, as I was also reminded of as I turned the AC on in my car today. Gypsy was a sweetheart and although Sweetpea was a little ornery I loved her annoyed little face anyway. I think it sounds like you have a lot of great things going for you in Austin. Love you always bud and keep writing!